Wildflower Area – Installed

Seven volunteers from Brentwood and Crestview neighborhoods, Friends of Brentwood Park, and Austin Parks Foundation worked together to install┬áthe wildflower area on the morning of Wednesday, December 9.┬áNext steps are to monitor the area and mow the rye and Bermuda grass as needed until the wildflower seeds sprout. Neighbors are invited to scatter additional seeds over the next two months to build up the number of wildflower seeds in the soil’s seed bank (please only add wildflower seeds native to Central Texas!).

We anticipate a small workday in the spring to spread mulch on trees in that part of the park, to cover the weed barrier along the wildflower area fence line, and to do some light hand-weeding in the wildflower area if needed. With luck and rain, we will have a nice crop of wildflowers this spring.

Click on individual photos to view full image. Thumbnail images are slightly cropped by the website.

Photo credits:
Group photo – Chuck Foster, Austin Parks Foundation
Other photos – Denman Netherland, Friends of Brentwood Park

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