Thanks! Fall Workday 2012

We want to say Thank You to everyone who made our fall workday on Saturday, November 3rd, a success!

Thanks to Bill Morgan and his tractor for helping us get that mulch distributed to trees all around the 9-acre park. Without him there would probably still be a mini-mulch mountain sitting in the park today.

Thanks to Joel at TacoDeli for supplying us with the best tacos ever!

Thanks to Genuine Joe for providing the delicious coffee!

Thanks to the nice people from Hope Chapel who surprised us with bottled water and soft drinks.

Thanks to Brooke Miller and a group from Hoover’s Inc. for coming on Friday afternoon and providing about 24 person-hours worth of labor to get dillo dirt down around the two massive heritage trees on the south border of the park. Again, we couldn’t have gotten the job done on time on Saturday without this effort.

And, finally, thanks to the over 30 cheerful and cooperative volunteers who showed up bright and early on Saturday morning with tools and wheelbarrows. In three hours, we made that mulch mountain disappear as well as weeded and sifted debris out of the sand volleyball court. If you worked but did not sign in at the registration table in the pavilion, please drop me a private line. I need to report accurate volunteer hours to PARD.

Once again: THANKS A MILLION! I hope all the volunteers enjoyed participating and that everyone in the neighborhood enjoys the park just a little bit more as a result of their efforts. I know that it warmed my heart to see all the young families with children playing in the playground and using the pavilion for a birthday party while we were working. It just felt like the park was teeming with life and vigor yesterday and it is an honor to help make it a more beautiful and inviting place for everyone.

(And, thanks to Kent Samuelson for the great photos. You can see more of them here.)

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