Master Planning Workshops Summer 2011

We have received over 200 responses to the Brentwood Park survey – thank you for your feedback! If you missed the opportunity to fill out the survey online, please feel free to email or call 512-222-FOBP (3627) to get a PDF or paper copy of the survey or leave general comments. Questions/comments can also go to Gregory Montes (; 512-974-9458), who is the PARD coordinator for the park plan. All responses received before the end of the planning process (anticipated September 15, 2011) will be included in the final survey tabulations, and comments will be included in the planning process as they are received.

The next stage in the Brentwood Park planning process is workshops to discuss how proposed infrastructure improvements should be integrated into a long-term plan for the park. Two identical workshops will be held, one on the weekend and one during the week to make it easy for as many people as possible to attend:

Workshop #1: Saturday, August 6, 1pm – 2pm at Brentwood Elementary
Workshop #2: Thursday, August 11, 7pm – 8pm at Brentwood Elementary

The purpose of the workshops will be to create alternative layouts for future park improvements. For example, where would additional playground equipment go? Where should additional flower beds go? Trails?
After workshop participants have created various alternatives for the park, the community will have the opportunity to vote on their preferred layout online and through a final public meeting.

All meetings will be conducted using guidelines from Austin Parks and Recreation and layout options proposed by workshop attendees will be located both on the FOBP website and on the PARD website. Paper copies will also be located in the display case at Crestview Minimart IGA.

While this planning process gives park users the opportunity to think about what they would like for the future of the park, no individual project can go forward without its own approval process. To occur, each project must include a demonstration of neighborhood support (through public meetings, volunteer efforts, and fund raising) and PARD review.

The Brentwood Park master plan is expected to evolve over time with updates made approximately every 5 years to reflect the impact of completed improvements and the changing nature of the community.

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