Park Issues

Maintenance issues (e.g. trash, tagging, etc.) can be reported through the City of Austin through this website or by calling 311. Please leave comments for us regarding park issues either through the contact page or by emailing or calling 512-222-FOBP (3627).

Long-term park issues that have come to our attention include:

1. Tagging and Graffiti

Tagging is being handled by the Violet Crown TAG Team. The Yahoo group for the team is located here, and more information on how they are dealing with tagging is located on the Brentwood Neighborhood Association website.

2. Dog-Human Conflicts

Brentwood Park is not an off-leash area. Austin city ordinances require all dogs outside of off-leash areas to be on a 6-foot or shorter leash when on city land. Information on off-leash areas is available on the City’s website here.

The best information we have from the city regarding a dog park in Brentwood Park is located here (off-leash area policy). As best we can determine, a dog park could only be located in the northeast corner of the park or somewhere between the ball field and the playground because of a 50′ buffer requirement from property owners and no pet zones (including fields, playgrounds, picnic areas, etc.). The northeast corner may or may not be possible because of a 50-300′ buffer requirement from streams (exact distance depends on city review according to the document). We have not been able to track down minimum size requirements. The off leash advisory document outlines all of the other procedures and policies for dog parks.

(Edit (4/30/2015): A group is working on a proposal for a dog park in Brentwood Park. Please see HEREfor more information.)

Please let us know if you would like to work on dog-human conflict issues in the park!

Please – Scoop the Poop!

(Updated 11/12/12)

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