Dog Park Proposal Underway by Friends of Brentwood Dogs

A group of Brentwood and Crestview neighbors have formed a committee to evaluate the possibility of getting a fenced off-leash park at Brentwood Park. A survey was conducted to gather information on the sentiment of the neighborhood for such an initiative.  The results of survey are available and included here.  A power point presentation has been developed to summarize the results, but we are making the raw data from the survey available as well.  There was an overwhelming reaction to the survey, and over 750 people responded with hundreds of comments included. Generally, the survey results are in support of a fenced off-leash park at Brentwood Park.  A lot of work remains to continue to evaluate the feasibility.  The Off Leash Advisory Committee Guidelines for Off Leash Parks are being used as a guide.  The next steps are to share the information with the neighborhood associations and Brentwood Elementary school to ensure opportunities for input. Other opportunities will be available for input of all residents.  Please reach out to the committee, Friends of Brentwood Dogs, at with any questions or concerns.

Survey results:

Dog Park Presentation March 2015 (PDF)

Dog Park Presentation March 2015 (Powerpoint)

March 2015 Dog Park Survey – Raw Data (Excel spreadsheet)

Identifying information has been removed from survey data to protect respondents.

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2015 It’s My Park Day is Here!

Thank you to everyone who participated in It’s My Park Day 2015!

Sixty-one volunteers accomplished the following on Saturday morning:

- 20 cubic yards of mulch were distributed to trees in the northwest corner of the park and along the north side of the ball field.
- Trees were weeded before mulching.
- The sign bed was weeded and mulched.
- The purple martin bed was weeded and mulched.
- The beds around the pool were weeded and mulched, and trash was extracted from the pool area.
- The volleyball court was sifted for gravel and debris.

Thank you also to our sponsors!
Genuine Joe’s provided coffee
Tacodeli provided tacos
Wheatsville Coop provided food
Chipotle and Luke’s Locker provided gift cards
Austin Parks Foundation planned IMPD and provided resources and assistance
Austin Parks and Recreation provided support for the work, including mulch and logistical assistance

Thank you also to the We Serve Austin – Young Professionals group for coming out to help!

Please click HERE to see photographs of the event.


Pre-Project organization:

Our Brentwood Park projects have been approved, and volunteer registration is open!

To volunteer, go to Austin Parks Foundation, click on the “Volunteer Here for It’s My Park Day” in the top right-hand corner of the screen, and scroll down to Brentwood Park.

Please register, as it guarantees supplies from Austin Parks Foundation and PARD, who provide the t-shirts and other goodies for volunteers and the tools and mulch we need to accomplish the work. We will also need a head count for Tacodeli (Crestview!), which is generously providing tacos to get us kick-started in the morning.

Projects for 2015 include:

- Tree and flower bed mulching
- Volleyball Court clean up and border maintenance
- Flower bed weeding, cleanup, and tending the plantings at the pool, entrance sign, and purple martin house

We find that rakes, shovels, and wheelbarrows are often in short supply, and if you have one, please bring spading forks. Spading forks resemble pitchforks but have a shorter handle and broad, flat tines. Sharpies will be available at the pavilion to mark tools with names and phone numbers.

We are looking for a photography volunteer. Please email us at if you are available.

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2014 Summary:

Regular updates suspended in 2014 due to overwhelmed volunteers. Accomplishments for 2014 included:

It’s My Park Day 2014

- Fifty-seven neighbors and friends participated in a very successful It’s My Park Day on March 1,  2014. Volunteers weeded and distributed mulch to trees in the northern and northeastern areas of the park, weeded and mulched the sign bed, butterfly/ Purple Martin house bed, and pool area beds, and collected trash from the pool area. In addition to the support from Austin Parks Foundation, Wheatsville Coop, and Chipotle, Genuine Joe’s provided coffee and Tacodeli provided tacos.

New grant-funded infrastructure!

- Co-founder of FOBP and ongoing volunteer leader, Emily Wilson, put together and implemented a grant from Austin Parks Foundation. The work has resulted in the addition of colorful, recycled plastic benches, the new water fountain on the Yates side of the park, and removal/installation of fencing at the kickball/softball field. Thank you Emily!

Maintenance and Improvements by Austin Parks and Recreation

- Austin Parks and Recreation’s Trail Division repaired damage to the trail caused by the heavy winter rains of 2013/2014. PARD also replaced the pea gravel in the play ground area with wood chips as a safety measure. Thank you PARD!


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Successes at 2013 Brentwood Park Fall Workday

At 9am on Saturday, November 9, almost 70 volunteers gathered at Brentwood Park to participate in the eighth Friends of Brentwood Park’s biannual park workdays.

In addition to friends and neighbors, we especially appreciated the assistance and support from Boy Scout Troop 49, which sent 7 youth and 5 adult volunteers to help out. We are also grateful to Tacodeli and Genuine Joe Coffee for their donation of caffeine and tacos and to Austin Parks Foundation for providing tools.

Volunteers contributed over 200 hours worth of labor and performed much needed repairs and maintenance at Brentwood Park. Projects included:

Gravel trail: Boy Scout Troop 49 and additional volunteers worked under the direction of D’Anne Williams, our local PARD landscape architect and neighbor, to repair washed out areas resulting from the rains of the past two months. Volunteers distributed 2 cubic yards of granite and constructed berms and other improvements under D’Anne’s direction.

Tree planting: Randy Wilson, our newest leadership volunteer, led the planting of 19 saplings on Brentwood Elementary property and in the north section of the park. Waterboxxes were installed to help maintain the saplings over the next two years. The boxes are a newer technology that minimizes watering and mulching needs for young trees. You may have seen them along Burnet Road and local area bus stops.  We have several available for an at-cost donation of $30. We’ll show you how to plant it too!

Mulching: Mulch reduces soil compaction, adds nutrients, and helps maintain moisture around trees. We mulch every workday as a way to maintain tree health in Brentwood Park. This year, volunteers distributed almost 20 cubic yards of mulch to approximately 30 trees throughout the park.

Flower Beds: Phil Tomlin and Hedrich Michaelsen, one of FOBP’s founders, led over a dozen volunteers in weeding and mulching the flower beds along Arroyo Secco.

Volleyball Court:  Dave Shulder continued his tradition leading a group of volunteers to pull bermuda grass from the volleyball court and sift debris from the sand. This year, they removed approximately 15 lbs of bermuda grass and gravel from the court.

Thank you to the dozens of volunteers who came out to make it all happen! Finally, we very much appreciate the assistance of Kathey Ferland, who has helped out every year by monitoring the volunteer tables and making sure everyone gets signed in and pointed in the right direction.

Over the next few months, we will be planning for It’s My Park Day 2014, scheduled for March 1, 2014. Please step forward if you have an idea for a project, would like to lead a work group, or are otherwise interested in helping us organize.

We hope you will enjoy your visits to the park even more as a result of this labor of love, and we hope you can join us for future events and workdays in Brentwood Park!

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Join Us! Fall Workday 2013

Dear Neighbors,

The Brentwood Park Fall Workday is confirmed for Saturday, November 9, 9am-12pm!

Projects will include:

  • Plant saplings along the south side of the new trail by Brentwood Elementary using Groasis Waterboxxes
  • Erosion control on gravel trail
  • Volleyball Court clean up and border maintenance
  • Flower bed weeding, cleanup, and tending the plantings
  • Sandbox area and playground area maintenance

Genuine Joe and Tacodeli have generously offered to caffeinate and feed volunteers.

So that we can plan accurately for food and project management, please register at:

Thank you,
Denman on Madison

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Trail Complete • Fall 2013 Workday Planned

With the new park trail finished mid-July, it’s time to grab your shovels and rakes and save the date for our next event!

Friends of Brentwood Park Fall Workday
Saturday, November 9th, 9 a.m. to noon

This is our 5th year to hold a community workday. The project will be announced once we have permission from our partners, Austin Parks and Recreation. We are anticipating needing 40-50 neighbors that morning and will provide more details as the plan develops.

The rain date is scheduled for Sunday, November 10th.

Thanks for everyone’s support!

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Almost-Summer 2013 Update: Trail and Fundraiser

Construction on the new granite trail in Brentwood Park continues, and Friends of Brentwood Park expect work to wrap-up shortly.  There were a few unexpected delays, but those issues have been addressed, and the crews are back at work. You may have experienced some problems with walking your normal route in the park, but we expect the trail to be complete soon.

The new walking trail was organized by Friends of Brentwood Park, funded by a grant from Austin Parks Foundation and donations from neighbors and local groups—including Violet Crown Community Works, Brentwood Neighborhood Association, Crestview Neighborhood Association, and Paragon Prep—and installed by American Youthworks volunteers.

The trail forms an almost-1/2-mile loop, starting at the granite portion of the trail at Arroyo Seco, following the complete granite trail clockwise, and walking back down the sidewalk along Arroyo Seco to the start. Sometime in the near future, Friends of Brentwood Park hopes to organize a fun-for-all-ages marathon to celebrate the park and the trail. Stay tuned!

You can download and view the proposed trail map here. More about the project here.

On June 5th, Joel and Joanna Fried hosted their end-of-school-year BBQ and asked guests to make a donation to Brentwood Park. The BBQ is an annual event that the family has been hosting for several years, and a few years ago they started asking for donations to go to park improvements. This year, they were able to raise $1,153.81!

Thanks Joel and Joanna for hosting! Also, thank you neighbors for coming out, sharing great food and company, and donating much needed funds for future park improvements!

Friends of Brentwood Park is planning our next project now.  If you have suggestions and/or are able to lend a hand coordinating new park projects, please contact us on Facebook or through our website.

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Brentwood Trail Update—We Did It!

Friends of Brentwood Park successfully raised the funds needed to hire professionals to build the almost-1/2-mile-long park trail.

Thank you to all our neighbors who donated! Several community organizations also donated, and we would like to thank them now. Thank you to Violet Crown Community Works, Brentwood Neighborhood Association, Crestview Neighborhood Association, and Paragon Prep.

We are waiting on the permit to begin work. Parks and Recreation is applying for the permit. They anticipate that it will be issued sometime the first or second week of April. Since that is only a few weeks before the Violet Crown Festival, we will begin the trail once the festival is over.

American Youthworks has been hired to build the trail and they estimate that it will take between 3 and 4 weeks to complete.

You can download and view the proposed trail map here. More about the trail here.

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IMPD—Mission Accomplished!

The 2013 edition of It’s My Park Day at Brentwood Park took place on Saturday, March 2nd, under cool, clear conditions. Fifty+ volunteers convened in the park to participate in a variety of tasks to help prepare the park for spring and the inevitable long, hot summer ahead.

Our volunteer group was bolstered by 22 hard-working residents and staff from Benchmark Recovery Center, one of the It’s My Park Day sponsors. Chip Pate, Austin Parks Foundation board member and neighborhood resident, participated as a volunteer. Jeff Larsen of Austin Parks and Recreation visited us as we gathered prior to the start of the workday. We started work at approximately 9 a.m. and were complete by 11:30 a.m.

In addition to the delicious snacks provided by It’s My Park Day presenting sponsor Wheatsville Co-op, volunteers also enjoyed breakfast tacos courtesy of Tacodeli and coffee courtesy of Genuine Joe Coffeehouse.

It’s My Park Day is an annual city-wide event put on by Austin Parks Foundation, in cooperation with the Austin Parks and Recreation Department. Over 2,000 volunteers participated in over 100 parks throughout the city.

Projects completed in Brentwood Park—

  • Mulched 35 trees, primarily around tennis court and near basketball court, plus a few in the northeast quadrant that were missed in February.
  • Removed approximately 12 bags of bermuda and thoroughly weeded 10 young trees.
  • Sifted volleyball court sand to remove fine debris.
  • Weeded, mulched, and trimmed sign bed (facing Arroyo Seco) and divided and transplanted some perennials (photo, upper left).
  • Constructed and installed new butterfly bed around the base of the relocated purple martin house and planted bed with host and nectar plants for butterflies (photo, upper right).
  • Weeded, mulched, and trimmed perennial beds on the south side of the pool. Volunteers removed 7 or 8 lawn and leaf bags of material.  It was a little late in the year for trimming, as plants were already budding.
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It’s My Park Day—It’s Almost Here

Show your pride in your park by volunteering for It’s My Park Day at Brentwood Park, Saturday, March 2nd, 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. This annual city-wide event is a production of Austin Parks Foundation in cooperation with the Austin Parks and Recreation Department.

Registration is limited to 50 people this year and only registered volunteers are eligible for the free, commemorative t-shirt and other goodies, so sign up soon!

Here’s what we’ll be working on at Brentwood Park:

1) Landscape around the relocated purple martin house.

2) Weed, trim and mulch the pool area beds.

3) Continue work on weeding bermuda grass away from the trees planted in 2010 that have been on irrigation.

4) Mulch trees in the southwest corner of the park around the tennis court area.

5) Volleyball court sand screening.

Remember to wear closed toed shoes and long pants, bring a water bottle, and dress appropriately for the weather. Bring work gloves if you have them. We will provide some tools,  cotton gloves (for those who forget to bring gloves), and drinking water.

We rarely have enough tools to go around, especially wheelbarrows, so please bring your wheelbarrow, garden rake, pitchfork, and/or shovel marked with your name and phone number, so we can reunite tools with their owners should they become separated.

If you would like to bring a child, please carefully consider which project you choose. Children must be with a parent at all times.

In case of rain, projects will start one hour late. If rain persists, projects will begin at their original start time on Sunday, March 3rd.

For more information, send us an email or call us at 512-222-3627.

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