Roots and Wings Festival: Brentwood park

Please mark your calendars for Roots and Wings Festival: Brentwood Park on Saturday, October 27, 9am-12pm.

Join us on Halloween weekend to explore the park, enjoy nature based crafts, learn about our new and old trees, and celebrate in your best nature-themed costume.

We will be releasing more details soon. In the meantime, please contact us at if you would like to help with an activity or have folding tables and chairs to loan for the event.

The Roots & Wings Festival is a combined community-wide appreciation party for Arbor Day and Monarch Appreciation Day happening at the Zilker Botanical Gardens and four neighborhood parks around the city. The event is sponsored by Austin Nature in the City, Austin Parks Foundation, and Austin Parks and Recreation.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Fall 2017 It’s My Park Day!

Help us make Brentwood Park look lovely for the Fall and ready for a new season of enjoyment! Registration is live at

Projects include mulching trees, root collar clearing, sand volleyball court maintenance and planting bed maintenance. Breakfast tacos from Eldorado Cafe and coffee from Genuine Joe will be served to volunteers (bring your own coffee mug please).

Please bring your own work gloves and dress appropriately for the work: closed-toe shoes, long sleeves and pants recommended. Hats, sunscreen and your own water bottle are also strongly urged.

We are also asking volunteers to PLEASE bring tools because we can’t get enough tools from APF for all our volunteers.

Here are the tools we DESPERATELY need volunteers to bring:
square-blade shovels
stiff rakes
hand tools for root collar clearing, volleyball court and planting bed maintenance

PLEASE MARK YOUR TOOLS WITH YOUR NAME AND PHONE NUMBER so we can return them from you in the event you are separated from them.

Check-in will begin at approximately 8:30 a.m. at the Pavilion near Arroyo Seco.

PLEASE NOTE: Younger children are welcome to accompany their parents but projects are more suitable for kids 12 and older.

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Playground Improvement Project Underway

Friends of Brentwood Park has formed a sub-committee to work on improving current playground equipment. The committee is coordinating with local groups such as Violet Crown Community Works and the Crestview and Brentwood Neighborhood Associations. Up-to-date information can be found on our Facebook page or by contacting Nancy Mohn Barnard at

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Fall 2016 It’s My Park Day – Success!

At 9am on Saturday, November 5, over 50 volunteers gathered at Brentwood Park to participate in the fifth fall workday organized by Friends of Brentwood Park and the first Fall It’s My Park Day sponsored by Austin Parks Foundation and Austin Parks and Recreation.

In addition to friends and neighbors, we especially appreciated the assistance and support from the Royal Rangers, which sent 15 active youth members and five adult supervisors to help out. We are also grateful to Genuine Joe Coffee, Dia’s Market, and Eldorado Cafe for their donation of caffeine, cold drinks, and tacos and to Austin Parks Foundation for providing tools.

Volunteers contributed over 150 hours worth of labor and performed much needed repairs and maintenance at Brentwood Park. Projects included:

Mulching: Mulch reduces soil compaction, adds nutrients, and helps maintain moisture around trees. We mulch every workday as a way to maintain tree health in Brentwood Park. This year, volunteers distributed 20 cubic yards of mulch to approximately 20 trees in the southwest area of the park, including the large heritage oak next to the pool.

Flower Beds: We now have four flower beds in the park: at the entry sign, at the purple martin house, at the pool, and at the Shelton Memorial bench! Volunteers weeded and mulched each of the beds, and Shelton family members came in from out of town to help maintain the bed at the memorial bench.

Volleyball Court: Dave Shulder continued his tradition leading a group of volunteers to pull bermuda grass from the volleyball court. It was too wet to sift sand, but that will be on the list for the spring.

Thank you to the dozens of volunteers who came out to make it all happen!

Over the next few months, we will be planning for It’s My Park Day 2017, scheduled for March 4, 2017. Led by Nancy Barnard, we will also be working on upgrades to Brentwood Park’s well-used playground.

Please step forward if you have an idea for a project, would like to lead a work group, or are otherwise interested in helping with the park.

We hope you will enjoy your visits to the park even more as a result of this labor of love, and we hope you can join us for future events and workdays in Brentwood Park!

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2016 Fall It’s My Park Day!

Calling All Park Lovers!

It’s My Park Day (IMPD), Fall 2016 is scheduled for Saturday, November 5th and is a great opportunity to get outside, give Brentwood Park some love, and meet your neighbors. IMPD is a city-wide service day organized by Austin Parks Foundation and Austin Parks and Recreation and sponsored by many local businesses.

Friends of Brentwood Park (FOBP) has organized projects and neighbors for IMPD at Brentwood Park each year since 2010. Although FOBP has organized past workdays in the fall, 2016 is the first year an official Fall IMPD is being held by Austin Parks Foundation and the City, and we are very grateful for their support. Genuine Joe Coffeehouse and Tacodeli have also supported Brentwood Park projects every year; thank them if you get the chance!

Over the next month, FOBP will be sending out emails with information about projects for this year’s IMPD and about how to register and what to bring. Information will also be available through our facebook page and through our website ( If you would like to get involved with FOBP’s leadership team, please let us know. We can be reached through our group email address:

(Edit 10/6/16): Registration is live! Go to to sign up!

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It’s My Park Day 2016 – Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out on Saturday morning for It’s My Park Day! We spread a record amount of mulch (40 cubic yards), cleaned up the flower beds and volleyball court, and even finished ahead of schedule.

A special thanks to the Shelton family and volunteers who stayed late to help with a new flower bed installation at the Shelton memorial bench and to Marie Taylor, who put the project together and worked with PARD to get approval. Stop by and take a look when you get the chance.

Thank you also to Tacodeli and Genuine Joe Coffeehouse for getting us kick-started with tacos and coffee and to Wheatsville Co-op for providing snacks.

Finally, thank you to Kent Samuelson ( for taking some great photos! See

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Neighbors Remembered in Brentwood Park

Since 2010, three park benches have been placed and 15 trees have been planted by neighbors in honor or in memory of special family members, neighbors, and friends.


Renald Ferrovecchio, 43, died in a gas explosion in his Payne Avenue home on January 9, 2012. In his memory, neighbors raised funds for a purple martin house near the eastern edge of the park. Friends of Brentwood Park coordinated the installation, and the house was dedicated April 1, 2012. A memorial bench, installed near the purple martin house, was dedicated on Renald’s birthday, October 5, 2013. Members of his family, who live out of town, and many neighbors attended both events.

Longtime Brentwood neighbors Sidney Paschal Shelton, 85, and his wife, Billie Jean Wier Shelton, 83, died tragically in their home on December 15, 2014. Six days later, family members, friends, and neighbors attended a ceremony honoring the Sheltons at the Brentwood Park pavilion and dedicated the annual lighting of the Arroyo Seco luminarias to their memory. Neighbors raised funds for a memorial bench honoring the Sheltons, installed in 2015 between the playscape and baseball diamond in Brentwood Park.

David L. Sikes, a Brentwood neighbor for 45 years, was a founding member and president of the Brentwood Neighborhood Association and worked to improve the basketball court and sidewalk at Brentwood Park, among other contributions to the neighborhood and beyond. David, 80, passed away October 1, 2013. His family donated funds for a memorial bench, which was installed September 2014 in the northeast corner of Brentwood Park.

Susan Burneson


Friends of Brentwood Park coordinated a historic planting of 100 trees in the park, held on November 6, 2010. In addition, neighbors contributed funds for and helped plant 15 dedicated trees. (You can view the film about the event, We Planted 115 Trees, and a separate video clip about the dedications here.)

In honor of Ruby Josephine Airhart, by Emily Wilson and Nancy Yelle. To them, Ruby represents the importance of caring for the park for the future of the community.

In honor of Lynnette Alley, by Susan Burneson, Michele Holt, Karen Lorenzini, and Hedrich Michaelsen. Lynnette has been an inspiration to them in the depth of knowledge she brings to the local gardening community.

In memory of Vernon Bruce, by his niece, Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle.

In memory of Eugene Bushacker and in honor of Evangeline Bushacker, by Lynnette Alley. The Bushackers were original residents of Crestview and remembered this neighborhood when there were no trees.

In memory of Milton “Pee Pop” Gebhard, by the Freng family and the Samuelson family. “Pee Pop” became Mr. Gebhard’s nickname when the Frengs’ son couldn’t pronounce his name. He was a great friend to both families. The Frengs also donated a tree in honor of the park.

In memory of Liz Yargo Grafe, by Monte Smith. Liz was deeply faithful and a loving friend.

In honor of Finnigan Holt, by his parents, Michele and Jack Holt. Finn is looking forward to harvesting nuts from the pecan tree they planted together.

In memory of L. L. Lankford, by his wife, Margaret Lankford. The Lankfords were longtime residents of the neighborhood.

In memory of Madeleine May and in honor of Alaina May, her younger sister, by their parents, Richard and Kelli May.

In memory of Chris Noffsinger, by friends and neighbors Michelle Andrews and Clark Cornwell, Diane and Howard Bennett, Susan and Rob Burneson, Diane and Fernando Gorchs, Cheryl Goveia and Greg Cumpton, Billie Herron, Debora Morris, and Gregg Tatum. Chris grew up in the neighborhood. He was gregarious and loved by all.

In memory of Charles Peyton, by Darlene Hernandez. Charles was her good friend.

In memory of Grace Teixeira Ramsey, by her parents, Carol and Sean Ramsey.

In honor of Jose David Shepperd, by his parents, Ann and Juan Shepperd.

In memory of John Sundberg, by Ann Rayborn. John was her good friend and neighbor.

Denman Glober

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Fall Workday 2015 – Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came out to help with this year’s fall workday! With your help, we accomplished the following at Brentwood Park:
- 20 cubic yards of mulch were distributed to trees in the east and southeast sections of the park.
- The sign bed was weeded and mulched.
- The purple martin bed was weeded and mulched and edging repaired/reinforced.
- The volleyball court sand was sifted for gravel and debris.
- The waterboxxes were removed/replaced.

Thank you also to our sponsors!
Genuine Joe’s provided coffee
Tacodeli provided tacos
Austin Parks Foundation provided mulch, tool loan, and other assistance, and Austin Parks and Recreation provided logistical assistance.

Never fear if you missed this weekend’s workday; keep an eye out for emails regarding It’s My Park Day 2016 on Saturday, March 5.
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Join Us! Fall Workday 2015

Dear Neighbors,

The Brentwood Park Fall Workday is confirmed for Saturday, November 7, 9am-12pm!

Projects will include:

  • Remove or replace Groasis Waterboxxes as needed
  • Volleyball Court clean up and border maintenance
  • Flower bed weeding, cleanup, and tending the plantings
  • Heritage tree mulching and additional tree mulching as needed

So that we can plan accurately for food and project management, please register at:

Thank you!

Friends of Brentwood Park

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Dog Park Proposal Underway by Friends of Brentwood Dogs

A group of Brentwood and Crestview neighbors have formed a committee to evaluate the possibility of getting a fenced off-leash park at Brentwood Park. A survey was conducted to gather information on the sentiment of the neighborhood for such an initiative.  The results of survey are available and included here.  A power point presentation has been developed to summarize the results, but we are making the raw data from the survey available as well.  There was an overwhelming reaction to the survey, and over 750 people responded with hundreds of comments included. Generally, the survey results are in support of a fenced off-leash park at Brentwood Park.  A lot of work remains to continue to evaluate the feasibility.  The Off Leash Advisory Committee Guidelines for Off Leash Parks are being used as a guide.  The next steps are to share the information with the neighborhood associations and Brentwood Elementary school to ensure opportunities for input. Other opportunities will be available for input of all residents.  Please reach out to the committee, Friends of Brentwood Dogs, at with any questions or concerns.

Survey results:

Dog Park Presentation March 2015 (PDF)

Dog Park Presentation March 2015 (Powerpoint)

March 2015 Dog Park Survey – Raw Data (Excel spreadsheet)

Identifying information has been removed from survey data to protect respondents.

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