Fundraiser • It’s My Park Day • Purple Martin House

Friends of Brentwood Park needs your help to meet our fundraising goal by contributing to our first-ever Grow Love! Seed Bomb Fundraiser. The funds will go to build a trail in Brentwood Park. The seed bombs are made of clay, compost and Blackland Prairie Mix seeds from Native American Seed Company. For a suggested donation of $15, donors will get a package of 5 seed bombs as a thank-you gift. The seed bombs will be available through Emily Wilson or through Friends of Brentwood Park Monday, February 4–Saturday, February 9, 2013, at Crestview Minimax, 7108 Woodrow Avenue. The seeds are native to this region and will sprout fall or next spring.  Just throw and grow! Please help build a trail, Grow Love!, and turn your yard or public space into prairie.

Please save the date of Saturday, March 2, 2013, for the It’s My Park Day workday at Brentwood Park. Come meet your neighbors by participating in a neighborhood park improvement project and earn a free t-shirt. It’s My Park! Day is the biggest annual park workday. Sign-up will be announced soon.

The Renald Ferrovecchio Memorial Purple Martin House has been relocated to the open field in the northeastern part of Brentwood Park. Shortly after it was installed last spring, Austin Parks and Recreation informed us that the original location was in an area programmed as a multi-purpose playing field and needed to be moved. During the move, which will be executed by Danny Sinclair of Purple Martin Propagators, the house will be cleaned to get ready for the purple martins’ return. The new location will be better for park users, allow the caution tape to be removed, and allow for some low plantings around the base of the feature.

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