Brentwood Trail Update—We Did It!

Friends of Brentwood Park successfully raised the funds needed to hire professionals to build the almost-1/2-mile-long park trail.

Thank you to all our neighbors who donated! Several community organizations also donated, and we would like to thank them now. Thank you to Violet Crown Community Works, Brentwood Neighborhood Association, Crestview Neighborhood Association, and Paragon Prep.

We are waiting on the permit to begin work. Parks and Recreation is applying for the permit. They anticipate that it will be issued sometime the first or second week of April. Since that is only a few weeks before the Violet Crown Festival, we will begin the trail once the festival is over.

American Youthworks has been hired to build the trail and they estimate that it will take between 3 and 4 weeks to complete.

You can download and view the proposed trail map here. More about the trail here.

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