2011 Brentwood Park Master Plan • Final

Thank you all so much for participating in the survey and workshops and for giving feedback about Brentwood Park. We compiled all of your input into the Brentwood Park Master Plan.

You can download the Brentwood Park Master Plan document here. (Note: This will open a Google document. Go to File >> ‘download original’ to download. File size is 6MB.)

The document can also be downloaded directly in three pieces:
Brentwood Park Master Plan_text
Brentwood Park Master Plan Appendix A
Brentwood Park Master Plan Appendix B

Brentwood Park survey results can be viewed here.

Although the master plan is too detailed to serve as the “official” Austin Parks and Recreation plan for Brentwood Park, the planning process was conducted in close coordination with PARD staff, and they have a copy of this plan on file. PARD is in the process of producing a more generalized version of our planning map to document residents’ desired use areas for the park. According to our PARD contact, it won’t show, for example, the exact route for a trail that loops around the park, but it will show the desire for a trail (which could eventually turn into city funding to help build a trail). Once we have PARD’s map, we will add it to the website and include it in the master plan.

This master plan will be used for: grant applications, coordination between future projects, building an institutional memory about needed fixes and improvements, and, as the plan evolves, documenting the history of the park.

We welcome additional volunteers to work on any of the projects listed in the plan, brainstorm new ideas for the park, and come to workdays, help with fundraising, etc. Please feel free to join us to work on improving Brentwood Park!

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